Wireless router help!


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Hey, guys. I have a 2wire router downstairs and a laptop upstairs. The laptop has wi-fi capabilities inside the box. It's a lenovo y-430 dual core. So, if I am able to connect to the internet with my laptop with the 2wire router downstairs, does that mean I have wireless connection? I want to know because I want to get a gaming adapter for my xbox 360 and I don't want to get one without knowing I have a wireless connection. Thanks :)


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if there is no physical wire running up to the laptop from the router, then yes you have a wireless connection.


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Well it is easy to check if you have a wireless connection, Just get your labtop or any else that you can scan the area for wireless networks, Take your labtop and check the connection, there should be at least more than 1 connceton were ever you live, Or scan for wireless connections with the xbox.