Wireless Receiving router?


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Well, the time has come when my Xbox 360's wireless networking adapter has craped out on me. It works if I bang it on a table for about an hour, but I always say, Inadament objects always have more patience than anyone else does. I bought it about two years ago and hated it ever since and now I'm looking for an alternative. Buying another 80 dollar wireless adapter isn't working for me.

One: My bro wants to run a wire through the floor into the basement and to the 360 and PS3, but that's around 100 feet. 100 feet of Ethernet cable is bound to cost something, and the work involved is wayyyy too much.

Two: I was thinking I could get a wireless receiver (If there is such a thing)or repeaters so I could have a dedicated router for the basement and attach everything down there to that.(PS3, 360, Father's PC) So what I want is a router that can connect to my present wireless router and repeater the signal to a Ethernet cable/port which then I can hook up the consoles/computer. Hopefully you understand what I'm trying to get at here.

Three: I have heard of people flashing non-Microsoft wireless USB adapters to work with the 360. I also heard of some D-Link adapter that is the used in the 360's wireless adapter being sold at half the price of the Microsoft adapter. True?

Any info on making this wireless network simpler would be greatly appreciated.

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I would go with option two. I think what you would need is something like this, but the only problem I see is the one LAN port. You would then need to run a cable to a switch and get the internet from there. It could be cheaper to just buy CAT5e cables.


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I might wind up getting that as I only really need one port. I can only run one system at a time on my TV and my PS3 already has a decent wireless connection. Plus, from the looks of it, I would need a wireless bridge(More than one Ethernet port) which are a bit too much money.