Wireless OutDoor Modem Help

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Daemon Poster
Hey guys,

I cannot get ADSL,cable and satellite is just a waste of money so im going with wireless 4000/4000 Connection.

So to set this up the ISP gives me a modem witch i must set up on the roof of my house.. thats all fine but its the Computer Networking bit i need some help with.

I currently have 2PCs connected directly to eachther over LAN (but i have a router/modem witch i use to use when i could get adsl)
I was just wondering if i pluged the LAN chord from the modem directly into the route (with DHCP off) and hooked the 2pcs into the router will the internet work?

or do i need to put another network card in one of my pcs so that the modem cord will go into 1 card and i will bridge it so i can share it with the other pc...
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