Wireless on Windows 2k Pro


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I am getting my wireless internet going on a laptop, and I had no problems doing it on a "illegal" copy of windows XP home. But now it says i have to activate it in 30 days, but will not let me because it is "illegal". So I put Win2kpro on the comp. When I installed the wireless adapter, it worked fine, but Windows said that a Network cable was unplugged...which makes no sense because it is a WIRELESS adapter. I have tried installing the drivers from the CD multiple times and it still says that a network cable is unplugged, so I am really confused on what to do. So I actually am asking two questions. First, if WinXP will actualyl not let me use it anymore after 30 days without validating it? And second, if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the Win2kPro problem.
Thanks for the help!!


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windows xp will not work after 30 days for the most part. There is a crack you can use to bypass this situation. It will say the network cable is unplugged if its not talking with the router. Also, this can occure if you have a NIC enabled but are not currently using it.