Wireless Networking & PS2


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Hi, I was just wondering about how I would set up a wireless network with my 3 computers. Well, they're not all mine... 1s mine, the other is my brother's, and the 3rd is my sister's who is planning to move back in to the house. See, right now there's 2 computers in the same room sharing a wired cable connection, and a ps2 in the room next to me. That's fine, but now I need to move my room in here cuz my sister's taking my room and therefore my brother needs to move his comp into his own room across the house.

Well I figured that the best thing to do would be to set up a wireless network so that we don't need cables throughout the house. I have a cable modem but I'm not exactly sure what else I need. I assume that I'll need wireless networking cards and a wireless router, but is there anything else? :confused:

Also, is it possible to connect my PS2 to the network? right now it's connected with a standard LAN cable to my router. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)


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They do sell a wireless adapter for the ps2, and other than the wireless nics, and wireless router, you shouldn't need anything.