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hi... I will take this one step at a time, only for the fact that it is an ongoing saga...

anyone using a Linksys network card in XP, the card is a WPC11V2.5. No way will the laptop see the card, it worked fine in the win98 PC, i do have the latest drivers..
The card does not even show in device manager? hmm, id check linksys' support site.
:) yes it should work...i will get back to Linksys, note the words "get back" i will report the progress.
You may not want to hear this one

Linksys wireless stuff is so flakey when it comes to XP. I finally went to a wireless USB Network adapter on my PC. It had to be a new one because the older model I bought did not work no matter what I tried. I went to the Linklsys site and dowloaded the proper drivers as well.

The problem I had was even when I somehow got device manager to see the adapter it would not detect my wireless network. What a nightmare. I would try the normal stuff, and then just go get a new one if that does not work.

You can waste a lot of time trying to make some of linksys' older stuff work when it doesn't want to.

If you've tried installing it a few times you may want to check Device Manager for "Unknown Device" or anything with a question mark. If you have one of those and it's a PCMCIA device it is likely to be the card. Blow that one away and try detecting devices again with the update drivers you have.

If not, like I said you may want to look into another newer device.
brahm, the first part of your post seems to sum it up, when i had 98 i put the card in, then the drivers. couple of small questions i had, rang linksys the guy talked me though it, sorted..this time when i rang over XP, all he could do was direct me to the MS knowledge base..over the last 3 weeks that card has been in and out more times than i have had hot dinners....i will try another couple of hundred times then i might do as you say and get a new card.... :-(
Yuck@Linksys... in my experience, Orinoco makes the best Wifi cards. I had to set up a bunch of P3-600mhz laptops with Linksys cards, and it ended up being a huge headache... but my Orinoco Gold works flawlessly in every computer I've tested it in.
þÄ®âÐÖx..thanks for that..it is getting nearer and nearer to buying a new adapter and card...
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