Wireless Network USB Adapter Freezes Computer


Daemon Poster

I am trying to install a Netgear MA111 Wireless USB Adapter onto a new computer I'm building for my sister, so I put in the CD to install drivers. They install fine. Then I restart, and I plug in the USB Adapter. a baloon popup at the taskbar comes up that says "Found New Hardware: Netgear Ma111". So I click it and press "Install Software Automatically". It gets about halfway and then the computer IMMEDIATELY restarts. So I took it out and tried again, same results. Then, I restarted the computer manually and waited for it to boot up.

I plugged in the USB adapter and the computer restarted. It was nearly instantaneous.

Could someone please give me some insight as to why this could be restarting the computer? I have old ma311 drivers installed on the computer, but that should effect the Ma111 driver should it?