Wireless network and Soulseek

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So I installed a wireless network recently, everything works fine: internet, file sharing, network printing...I even got Bittorrent working.

However, when I try to use Soulseek, I can connect properly, and the built-in port diagnostic tool says it's configured properly, but after about 10 minutes of having the program running, ALL my downloads slow RIGHT down, and the total bandwidth of our ENTIRE network (i.e. all three computers) drops from somewhere around 50kbps to about 3kbps. We have an ADSL connection, and no, we haven't been capped.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? Anyone had a simlar experience on their network (with any similar program)?

I'm running XP Pro (wireless), the other computers are running XP Home (cable) and 98 (wireless).
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