Wireless Mice and lost reaction time?

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Hello all,

Just wondering if any of you hardcore gamers out there have any experience with wireless mice and games like UT2004, Q3A, etc..

I have heard that there is a signifigant loss in reaction time, and that wouldnt be acceptable for me, but if its not noticable here is what I'm looking at getting:

Logitech Cordless Freedom

Been wanting it for awhile but putting it off because of this issue. Any input?
well the price is pretty reasonable now, get the combo nice logitech wireless keyboard, and wireless optical mouse for only $79 US, thats a great deal. Good set of energizers will keep it runnin for a long time, im just worried whether or not the reaction time difference will be there.
well to me, when I spend 12-14 hours a day on my computer, I can really tell the difference between a cheap one and a quality one, so its definitly worth the $$$

I use a Logitech Cordless Trackball mouse that cost around $50 and I haven't found a loss time...but there are downsides...like...The ball becoming greasy while you eat a bag of lays...dead skin collecting in the bottem...etc.
But overall, it is more good than bad. :)

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