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Now I just want to make sure. The teachers lappy I was fixing said now he wants it wireless. I said, "Ok, I'll hook you up with a card." He said he's went to Best Buy and they said they didn't have one compatible with his laptop.

It's running XP, that's all you need to know right?

I told him that Best Buy is over priced and stupid :D - I know that's very opinionated though..

Secondly, he wants a spyware program and also a monitoring program. He wants to make it where his son can't go to any porn sites or anything like that on it. I don't know if there are any free ones out there or not, but are there any that block ALL of those sites anyways? Iw ould imagine it would be pretty hard...

Just an example.


Oh yeah, also he said he made a his wireless router secure.. he hasn't used it in a while and forgot the password..
I haven't googled this yet as I am about to have to go.. but if I can get the answer on here instead of poking around when I get home it would be great.. I mean, if it's off the top of your head, you know? He needs the password...




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Umm, that card should work but if your not sure get a usb wireless adaptor. Just don't get the linksys one though it's really whack (My brother owns it).

I know at my police station there is a free progam that blocks some bad content but other than that I don't know.

Securing the router just means going into (might be different adress for some routers) and editing security settings and adding a wep/wpa password (not sure exactly how, again depends on the router)

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Yeah, I know how to reset a router and setting it up (at I just wanted to know if I had to do it :p


if you want the password for his router just download KaNe, google it, anyway from their scan your pc then click passwords and all passwords display

If you hack/try to with this tool then you'll need alot more practise so don't even try it trust me, you'lll get caught

As for Porno sites, well go buy Kaspersky its a great anti virus and its got a parental control on.