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Even if it WAS to happen, you'd be most likely giving free internet to thousands of people.

Your uncle's cheap. Make him pay for internet access like everyone else.


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but still how far could u boost internet if u got thos range x-tender things that u plug into the wall. its not like the thing at macmall. theres a cafe across from my house and they have free wirelless but i only get like 2 bars (using windows wireless manager thing). so would those range x-tenders work effectively?


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It's just not possible. Sending a signal for internet two miles away. The ping would be so high, it'd be unuseable. Not to mention, anyone else in that 2 mile radius would be able to pick up that wireless signal, and bring your own bandwidth to a crawl.


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Actually, you COULD do this, however this is where you throw conventional networking out the window...

BEST SOLUTION: Have your uncle pay the $30 - 40 a month for internet... it would be FAR FAR cheaper than letting him share your internet...

you CAN'T use a wire unless you are in the boonies... You can't cross any Through-ways, like roads, rail-roads, or bodies of water... to do so would be a federal offence. Only Telco's, power companies & other such providers can do this... Not to mention the fact that unless you use Fiber (VERY expensive) you would have to have a repeator about every 100 yards.

What WOULD be possible is using Ethernet over Laser or Microwave towers... The trouble with each of these is that the cost would be so enormus, only a FOOL would share internet across it... they would have to have Line of Sight to work, so you would need 2 large towers. I am sure that there are other ways to accomplish this as well, but they would also be just as expensive....

There is ONE other alternative, and that would be to have your uncle come over and use your computer when he wants to use the internet.


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Its possible, but not with the cantenna.

Well, i got something close to a mile with 2 primestar dishes.....

Laser would be most direct and can be built for about $100...but you also need 2 ends...

Many people fail to see that wifi is just radio and you need descent transmitter on both sides.

Yes it is possible....with minor modification and good pigtail.
The furthest recorded wifi signal ever recieved was 125 miles.

You may need to get a wifi-A router since it uses a higher frequency which will allow signals to travel farther.....

...Comparing am, fm, wb, tv, and satellite bands....you can see how much further each can travel on a stable signal..

Amplifiers are also good....clouds too....to bounce the signal off of them..-> mimo claims to do this but fm band does it toooooo...

You can also transmit through HAM, or CB.....there are some nifty tool on linux....

Here is something i found interesting.....too bad i didnt know about this when i built my extended network...

You may need to phase shift to a higher frequency.....

Anyways...most of these are not unidirectional.....you will need a radio tower with an amplifier ...

CB, Ham, and FM are often used by foreign secret service spys in america for data transmission......

As for ping....depending on what/where/how....ping is rated at top...
+.5 secs
at bottom +5secs

Note: Laser uses an extremely confined beam and you would need to see the target your hitting....only one way too....you will need 2 recievers...and 2 transmitters...
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