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ok i have two problems.
first id like to say never had to deal with making a network or setting up a wireless connection before, so im lost.

my cousin recently brought her notebook pc to my house, and i have a wireless router and all. so she goes on her laptop and does that scan for signal thing. about 5 of them showed up. 2 of them were named KB43903496 or something like that. then the others were actual names, like "ada," "linksys," and ""network". I assume that the names were made by the owners. i was wondering how i would know which of the is mine. and how can i make it have a name too?

i tried setting up a network between my two desktop pc's. i ran the network setup wizard on one pc, followed all the directions, and then it says "now run the network setup on the other computers." so i do on my other computer. then i restart both pc's like it says. On one computer, when i go into "My network places" and click "View workgroup computers," i get this error message: "Mshome is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. contact the admin. of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available." On the other, it shows the computer, and my other computer. and when i click the computer icon, it freezes. what am i doing wrong?


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are you using a firewall or norton internet security fro one

2) to find out your network name in the sytem tray right click on the wireless connection (2 flashign screens, or 1 with a wireless signal) and click (view available wireless connections) look for the one that says connected.

3) to change the name of you network you should configure you router, usually to do this you have to open you internet browser and in the adderss bar type in the IP of you router EG. mine is this will connect you to your router you may then need a password and username if you havnt set one its prob ADMIN pass= 1234 or 0000 or 4444. here you will see a setting SSID thats your network name.

4) make sure all computer on the network are in the same workgroup sounds liek one is in MShome, go to START>CONTROL PANEL > SYSTEM and clik on the computer name tab where it says chaneg by workgroup change it to the workgroup your other desktop is in.

5) to set up a network depending on which OS your using if you using XP or SP2 its different so tell me which your using, SP" has a wireless network setup wizzard which you can use a USB pen drive to configure.

6) soudns liek you network isnt encrypted if you manage to get into yuor router to chaneg name give you network a "net key"/"hex key" may need to clik on enable WEP or WPA encryption.


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you have to share the documents befor you kan see them on another PC
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