Wired headset issue

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so i have a 360 and the headset doesnt seem to want to work for me, i bought mine a few years ago..actually a 2 years and a month approximately.
i used to have the old headset that had that gray clip on the end of it that went into the controller, i can hear people perfectly, but no one could hear me, it was about that time i was getting ticked with my 360 because it was having freezing issues.. so i recently picked it up again, went out and bought a new mic (one of the black ones that says its for the elite, i threw out the old one with the clip since i figured it was broken) tried it out on my 2 old controllers, and also got a brand new one...still having the issue, im not muted at all, checked all the settings, everything seems to be ok, i also tried putting the xbox on the DMZ server just for S&G and that didnt seem to help. Also the controllers and headset are both wired.

should also add the fact that if i play with the wire on the controller i can see my mic light up in game and people can hear me but for no more than 5 seconds at the most

ive tried looking up on a couple forums and havent seen anyone with this issue, thought id check here before calling up M$ just in case.

Thanks in advance.
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