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help me please, once I'm on my desktop whenever I moved the mouse to start any program I get no respond from my computer for at least 15-30 sec help me.

I can open any program on the desktop, but once they are open that is it. i CAN'T do anything else until atleast 20-30 sec have pass
First of all ,, what are the specs of your system,,

basically, you need a min of a PII/300 for XP with about 128mb of ram,, it will run like a mule so dont expect too much at this level

plus, what do you have in the startup, what have you loaded , do you have all the updated drivers, have you checked the HCL on the XP disk?

There are MANY reasons as to why, the process now is to eliminate what we already know works,,,

POST MORE INFO>>please :)
Check if you've got any background applications...
have a virus scan of your machine...even if this doesn't work then try reinstalling the whole OS again.
before reinstalling,, try checking the ram,, there are good ram test utility available at,,

plus, if you want to look at the Antivirus issue,, either remove it from the start up folder and disable it,, or uninstall just the antivirus software , reboot,, and then check performance,,,

plus,, what is the size of the harddrive, how do you have your pagefile setup,

Lets just start with the memory

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