WinXP pro Dual processors, but Windows doesn't see Second Processor

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I have a dual processor motherboard with two 750Mhz P3's. THe mother board recognizes both CPUs instantly, but Windows XP Pro doesn't. If i right click on my computer it only sees the one processor and when I try to use the SET AFFINITY command from teh task manager.. that option isn't available. How do I get WinXP to see my processors? I know both processors are supported and can be Dual'd.
did you purchase the xp dual processor license thingy for an extra 90 bucks. This may be your problem
You don't need a license or anything to run dual procs.. XP Pro supports dual processors natively. You might need to force the correct Hardware Abstraction Layer when you install XP (instructions can be found here:;en-us;299340)

Also, have you checked in System Information (Start>Run...>msinfo32.exe) to see if it's seeing both processors? Sometimes the information in My Computer can be incorrect.
wtf. quite a few people told me that you need to pay an extra 90 bucks for xp to support dual processors. That was tje reason that i didn't get dual processors. I feel ripped.
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