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WOW, I actaully found it through word of mouth. On Ebay, search "59697" and you'll find a Win XP corporate #. Supposedly, this means you don't have to register windows! Does anyone else out there have a coorporate #? Does it work like that? :D
Win XP corporate #

OK, I took a chance on that ebay WIN XP # and it worked! I just finished building a new AMD 1800+ system and decided to try and use that #. I do own a retail version of WIN XP PRO and used that disc. The # worked fine and so far, I haven't seen the "you have 30 days to register this software" message like with my retail version. So far so good, i'm loving it. Ya it's nice to have a retail version of XP, but looks like this # could've saved me a lot of money. Oh well, happy chatting!:D
After the 'release' of SP1, M$ reworded their EULA... And I know for sure that the FCKGW (Devilsown) key can access Windows Update because I've tried it before finally purchasing it legally. :p

Fact is, M$ does not want you to own the software, but you are purchasing the right to use it.
What's the diffrence between the Professional and Corporate?
I use that Fckgw key.. it's the only one that would work with my ILLEGAL software.. Heh
I think the only diff. between the retail Pro and Corp. is the fact Corporate doesn't require any activation.
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