Winxp Computer Lockup HELP!!!


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Hi all. Within the last few months I have been experiencing lockups with my computer after about 10 to 12 hours of doing nothing on it. I let task manager run while this happened, and all it is showing is a sudden 100% spike in the CPU and then comes the lockup. I even ran task manager showing the running processes cause I thought I could catch it that way. The highest process at lock up was Explorer and it was only at 14,000 k. I reformatted 2ce, changed the video card, ran all sorts of CPU tests, hard drive tests memory tests, motherboard test, temp tests you name it. Temp in Bios says 40 celcius so its not a heat issue. I checked to see if it was in Power Options, but the Hard Drive shutdown is set to never. Its not virus or spyware related because it still does it after a reformat.I Checked this anyway using Norton, Adaware and spybot but nothing. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out problems like this but I cant figure this out for the life of me.
I have a Pentium 3 733mhz
512 mem ram
Maxtor 40 gig harddrive and a 80 gig Seagate(did scan-no errors)
Geforce 4 3800 64meg Video Card And a TNT 32 meg (Tried both)
QDI Mainboard
Award Bios
Creative Sound Blaster Live Card
DirectX 9c
No Firewall
D-Link ethernet card

Any help on this matter would be appreciated.
Thx Ron


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I Had A Lock Up Problem With My P.c.
I Resolved It By Changing The Mobo, That Was After Many Tests And Head Scratching. Non Of The Tests Were Conclusive.