WinXP cdrom missing

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I have winXP, and I had two cdrom drives in my computer till yesterday, and this morning when I turned on my computer, they are missing! Any help would be much appreciated :)
check to make sure your ide (wide, thin cables) and power cables are firmly attached to the rear of the cd rom.
Yah, they are fine. And I have two cd roms, and its almost impossible to have BOTH disconnected at the same time =/
did you try restarting your computer. Sometimes my cd rw and cd rom would do this. All i had to do is restart my computer and they would appear again.
The problem is fixed :).....I took out the power cable of the drives, and then reconnected.

And I tried restarting before, but it didnt work :(...

Thanks a bunch guyz :)

speaking of cd rws, my nero is acting strange lately. The cds are not being burned properly, files in the cd are slow to access, and some of them doesnt even work :(
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