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I installed windows 7 64-bit about a month or two ago and havn't reinstalled my client yet to start folding again. Does anyone know where I can find it for windows 7? I have the client for vista but not for 7. Any help would be great. I would like to fold on windows 7 with my GPU.
The vista one will work just fine. They (WinXP, Vista, 7) all use the same client.
Those of you guys folding on Windows 7 with your gpus have you noticed a significant drop in ppd from when you were folding on XP? Just wondering if there is a big difference between running a multi gpu folding system on xp vs 7 as I start to migrate towards a 7 upgrade soon.
I haven't noticed any PPD differences, but apparently XP is the best OS for running multi GPU setups.

I tried Win7 with my 3 GPU's and it didn't work, but turns out the mobo is at fault so I really can't say much...
i was running two gpus in my folding rig when the 9600gt was working, and it ran fine...didn;t have any problems, till the 9600gt stoped working lol.
Cool...thanks for the info....need to get that quad machine back up soon, freak'n customer service at MSI is awefull, it's been over two weeks since I sent in the tech request. Ah well...saving on hydro this month :p
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