Windows98 SE


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I thought I'd start a thread on Win98 SE

I have noticed that there has been an increase of retro gaming and old Pentium computers such as Pentium 1 PRO to the Pentium III computers, man they sell for a lot these days I wish I had kept all my old computers even the 486 computers are selling for big bucks now days.

Anyway back on to the subject of Windows98 I really love the nostalgia of the whole thing some might see me as a bit sad but come on that Windows98 startup screen was pretty neat right?

Some people have been doing some serious coding on Windows98 crating drivers so that USB drives can work under Win98 etc etc I'm just wondering could Windows98 return?

I know that there are some Linux OS's like React OS to where you can run windows programs but its in early stages.

I know nothing about coding but I was thinking wouldn't Windows 98 SE be a good place to start? rather than creating a wobbly Linux OS, is it possible that Windows98 could be bought back?

Who likes Windows 98 I do :)