Windows XP x64 Edition...


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I need a new windows. Learn from my mistake.. NEVER USE A COPIED WINDOWS. Its playing havoc with my vid card drivers and im getting the blue screen of death in all of my games.

I have 2 choices I either buy this (83 pounds) but is it worth it? I cant find any reveiws for it.

Or I use the home edition which was supplied with my old dell.. Can I install this? Or wont it let me?


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Well, the x64 would be better. It allows for more things to be loaded into virtual memory and allows applications to load faster and perform better.

Here is some info:
You can find more by poking around their site.

You have to check your drivers for all of your hardware just in case they don't support 64 bit. Also some programs like nortorn I heard don't work.

My friends brother has the 64 bit. But when he plays games like FPS's the controls get stuck sometimes. I have known a perfomance boost (he has a 3800+ and 2 gigs of dual channel, hard to see improvements).

If you have a free version of XP I would give it a go and save some cash. If not then I would go x64.

Wait, don't you have to buy the x64 edition with hardware?


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They were offering the 64 bit ed for free if you turn in your 32bit CD key. If they are still doing this you can disable your 32bit dell version, give them the key and they should give you a key for 64 bit version. Look in to it.


NO NO! x64 is TERRIBLE!! Do NOT get it for the love of god nasha! Please, take my advice. The device support is NOT THERE, and also, it is actually slower then XP 32bit version! I tried it, it is so much more trouble then it is worth.