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Hi everyone again, i have a problem.

I downloaded a theme from theme Xp or sommet like that and i used Style XP to apply the theme. The problem is, my pc crashed and now i can only use the default themes and Style XP wont install because of a Helper service corrupt or something in the D:\souce folder. Any ideas on how i can correct this?
Style XP wont install because of a Helper service corrupt

Did you uninstall Style XP before trying to reinstall it? That could be the problem there unless it was already uninstalled...I too use Style XP but have no problems even after a crash cause Im a bit confused on what you mean by Helper
I have tried to install Style XP a few times but to no avail. When it is installing ti comes up with the D:\sorce directory then saying it is an invalid key.*sigh* is there i can correct this?
I dont play around much with Themes but I dont think you NEED to use Style XP to install a theme... but maybe you do since you got it from theme XP.
You might have to take a chance a chance and manually uninstall it through regedit.

Just delete anything that says StyleXP or TGTSoft that is in

Then you can search the harder to find ones with Edit\Find
Well usually you can right click your desktop and choose the theme tab. Click the drop down box and browse your HDD and find the theme. Then click apply.
Ive already tried that i thought it would work as well but it hasnt. It reverts to the classic style.Could i remove that key and recreate it when it installs again?
What it appears has happened is that Themes XP uses a proprietary compression for their themes and style xp must be able to extract and install the theme.

In this case I am stumped.
Try uninstalling the program, deleting the program directory, and the searching your drive for all .tmp files. Delete all of them that it will allow, (with all applications closed) then reboot, and try installing again.

If that does not work you will most likely want to download something like system mechanic to clean your registry.
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