Windows XP Startup screen?

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How do we change the windows xp start up and shutdown screen without using any other software? i mean how to edit those image files? where are they located?:confused:
þÄ®âÐÖx, you are right, just make sure you do not edit something important to startup in the process of doin that tho.
I just edited some of the images in the ntoskrnl and saved it, went to linux transfered the ntoskrnl to the windows/system32 dir and when windows loads up it's just a blank screen :( any suggestions?
You have to be careful of the color depth you save the images in, as the graphics mode on startup is set to 16 colors (no drivers have been loaded yet). Make sure you save your images as 16 color bitmaps or it won't display properly (or at all)
Hmmm.. when I extract the windows logo and was checking the properties on it it was saying it was 32-bit. Then when I replace the bitmap and save it does not save. I am assuming it didn't save because it is a system file which is also probably read-only.. which I will have to change to alter it.. is this correct?
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