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I just installed xp to my pc, registered it and everything. Surfed the web and then logged off. Turned it on the next day and it asked for the product code again. Of course you don't think that i have that laying around??? So how do i get into my check registry to find the code? I called Microsoft and they want $10 to give me a new one. I've already paid $100 for the program to begin with so why don't I want to give them $10 more dollars!!!!

Any advice?
go to google and search for a file called xpkey.exe

the first few sites may not have it, but youll find it.
that program worked for me :D hehe {But it took ALLOT of time to find a site that actually had it and wasnt just talken about it, lol}
Its of doubtful legality... probably better just to let them search for themseleves.
You can easily find a universal key for XP. Technically it's not illegal since you paid for XP.....right? ;)
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