Windows XP problems with SP1

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Ok here's the scenerio, I had WinME that isn't a very stable OS so I opted and got WinXP, It was working great, except for AIM having the need to steal the focus for no apparnt reason, I upgraded to SP1, just cause it was there. I restarted my computer it worked fine the first time. And it started not connecting to my router with no error or anything, i try ipconfig /renew and says that it couldnt find a file, i uninstalled and reinstalled my network card, same problem it also takes a very long time to boot up when its doing this, if i keep restarting it, eventually it gets it right. I also get an error saying "Some of the configuration parameteres reported by the graphics driver are invalid. Windows will ignore these settings" everytime i hit Display properties->settings. any input in to any of these problems would be a great help, I updated my drivers to the newest version from geforce. i wasn't smart enough to do the back up before sp1.
you could try going into the setup (f10 when starting up), and select last good conf. that may work but i'm not promising it'll work! also backup to be on the safe side
I get the feeling XP SP1 has done your system no good!

Try the system restore tool. It's in the start menu under system tools I think. I would presume system restore marks a checkpoint just before you install SP1. If it works then, I'd leave SP1 alone until you can assertain what is causing the problem(s.)

Fix for serialz beginning with FCKGW

Check out

It's a bit hairy, but it worketh. Make sure to save an html copy of the instructions to refer to as you go along, through the registry, across the tulip bed, and to other fun places.

Methinks it's time to look at Linux yet again, once more, all over again!
hey... i've got a little problem... i was just wondering if anyone else has it... after installing the latest updates from windows update, for ie6 and sp1 and everything else... my ie6 doesn't always load images correctly, it will just leave the blank spaceholders with red x's on some images but load others, and different ones will load and not load when i refresh the page...???? i'm a little confused by this, and would like any help that can be given...
Well i figured out what was causing my computer to mess up a bit, sound blaster live! uninstalled it and downloading new drivers hopefully with this install everything will be back to normal, noone else gets that error about the video drivers giving invalid configuration parameters? i already tried updating the drivers same message Geforce3
Thx for the info, that link has a ton of info
I have the same problem as baser5nature. When I uninstalled SP1 or re-installed XP from CD everything worked fine again. Any thoughts?
Well after i installed the new drivers same thing was happening, so i downloaded SP1 and ran it again, now everything works fine, guess the express install or whatever they call it doesn't work too well.
turns out the ie6 image loading problem was related to norton internet security settings... reinstalled it and everything was fine...
check to see what is starting up, and if nothing else, just do a system restore.:D
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