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Who knows if windows XP allows to put a full hard disk with windows XP in one other computer and work with this computer??
That would definately cause problems with the MS Activation BS... you'd likely have to phone MS and re-activate as you'd be changing a LOT of hardware. There are also ways around the activation scheme, but I won't go into the details here... ;)
xp cd key

hey well this is kinda off topic but since your on the topic of win xp pro i need to change the cd key in it because the otha one is invalid i got a generater and found what it sais is a valid cd key how do i put that into my win xp without re-installing any help plzzzzz. lol

send any answer 2 my email, thankz
hmm well another question sorry bout this but windows xp is nothen but problems but soo when im running msn "svchost.exe" randomly takes up 100% cpu usage for like 10 seconds every minute and freezes up msn any help guys? <-----------Send answers
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