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When I installed Windows XP PRO, it automatically created an Administrator account. How would i find out what the password is so I can be logged in with that account always in stead of the one I had to create afterwards?
I did, I used my name and a password. Whenever I startup my computer, my name is the name that appears. But whenever I start up in Safe Mode, it has my name in which I created when I installed XP PRO, and there is another name called Administrator.
I may be mistaken and if I am I know someone will come behing me and correct, but by default, there is no password on the Administrator account.

Log onto your computer normally, goto your control panel, click users and the Administrator account, if it's not there, you will need to enable it, then go to the Administrator properties and click change password, if you did not put one in before it will ask you to input a new password.

After that you should be good to go. -- I think.... lol.
MicroBell said:
Does your name (In Safe Mode) have administrator access?? It should.. Or do you have to choose Administrator to gain access to all?

It is just that I read somewhere that there is an administrator that can view and do everything and other administrators are limited to what they can do.
How do I know for sure that mine has total control? Is there anyway to check?
Highlight your C: in "My Computer" and look to the left panel where it shows your details, does it say File System: NTFS or File System: FAT32.
In the Login screen, press CTRL + ALT + DEL twice.

You should get the OLD Login way, with enter the user name and password.

In the Username: type in Administrator, and keep the password blank.
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