Windows XP pro slow ?

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Just installed Win XP pro on my second partition (first one is devoted to W98), and i must admit its slow as hell.


Abit Kd7
Athlon XP 2200+
512 Mb DDR 333
Geforce 4 Ti 4200 (with Nvidia latest drivers)
IBM HDD 15.2 7200rpm

Even after a clean install, the system responded very slowly, and some programs take between 5-6 seconds to start.

Any tip appreciated.
hmm i have the whole drive devoted to win xp pro and i find it runs fast im running 512 ddr and 2.4 ghz
on one of my old machines that was a 500mhz celeron i noticed an increase in speed when i went from 98 to xp so it might be cuz you don't have the whole drive devoted to xp or possible cuz it isn't on the first partition.
Hmm...Doesn't matter which partition you install it pal has got Win98 an the first partition and WinXP on the second and it just works probs at all...try to see if your partition table has got erros in it or so...
You should also check to make sure UDMA is enabled (device manager, IDE Controller Properties). If I don't install the drivers for my motherboard, I can only use PIO mode 4 and XP runs a fair bit slower than 98.
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