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Okay, now that I have Windows XP Pro, does anyone have advice about the install?

It's not an update, but the full version. I currently use Windows 98 SE. I have a lot of information on my pc that I don't want to lose, can't afford to lose. So I'm open for suggestions on what to do so I don't lose or mess up anything.

Help! :confused:
Hi Dave you could backup all your important files on cd or even get one of those backup programs.

Does anyone else have any idears?

I tell you what, installing XP without installing 98 is the best, for me at least..
Of coruse all matirial will be available (coz the installing won't format you hardisk) but as you know all programs files and windows setting will be lost (coz XP is different obviously).
Don't worry that your information will be lost, thought you can backup it on cds of course.
I suppose if you don't have a second HD, you could go out and buy an external one i hear there pretty cheap, around a 100 bucks.
No second harddrive in this pc. I was thinking of backing up on CD. But now that it's been mentioned, an external harddrive might be a really convienent tool to have. Suggestions of brand, size, etc.?

I read about the dual-boot, but I don't think I want this. If a dual-boot is done, can you get rid of one OS later on?

The article posted by iRule is a good one. It mentions that some applications might not work with the upgrade. How do I check what applications are compatable?

Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for all the answers and help!!!

Well.. external hard drives are great and all.. but they're probably not worth the money... if you were going to buy one, i'd suggest This One, but it's a bit on the expensive side.

As for compatibility with XP - throw the XP CD in your drive, and on the Autorun menu there should be an option called 'check my system for compatibility' or something similar... it will analyze all your soft/hardware and give you a detailed report on which items are incompatible with XP..
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