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hey, if anyone is able to help me out ehre it would be greatly appreciated.

we've been running windows xp home for about 2 months now, with no major problems other than simple driver incompadibility. but other than that we were fine up till yesterday..

I restarted the computer, and we have multiple accounts setup. Clicked on my account to sign in, I see my background, and it logs me right back out. Same goes for all the accounts. The only way I can access anything is through safe mode, safe mode with networking doesnt even work, it boots me right out after I click to log in.

Any suggestions?

I had the same issue, using windows xp home, the system is activated, running norton av 2004. the issue just seemed to pop up. I of course ran norton and found nothing obvious, since I could not seem to resolve the issue and had no available restore points, I had to totally reinstall xp. once xp was installed, I went right to installing norton again before doing anything else, once I went online after that though, I got a popup warning from norton that I had contracted the most recent version of the original blaster worm (not sure the exact name though) and had to download the removal tool from symantic. that seems to have corrected the issue. my best suggestion, try loading a restore point in safe mode, once that is done, make sure your net connection has the firewall on it and if possible, us antivirus with the latest might have the same problem I had.
you said that it will go into regular safe mode fine but not in safe mode with networking.. right Try unplugging your cable modem or dsl modem if you have one than reboot and try to log in normal. Sound like you may have a problem with that maybe a virus like they said before.

was there a final conclusion on what caused this problem because i have had it happen to me tonight. i installed AVG anti virus on an XP home edition, the PC (SONY vio) rebooted, when i logged back in the AVG antivirus flashed a message saying that it had detected WIN32/PARITE virus in \system32\userinit. the message then disappeared and the system logged me out, no matter what profile i use to log in, it logs me out straight away.

i went back in using safe mode but couldn't get back to a "last good state".

when i restarted the PC i couldn't even log into safe mode without the PC logging me out immeadiatly.

i have got hold of some software to rid the PC of the virus and intend to return and try to fix it tomorrow.

if anybody knows a fix to this login marlarky it would be received with thanks.

use your restore CD to restore your winXP. you will lose all data on drive C, but all other drives will remain intact. if you need to save anything on C use knopixx or slave your disk or install an OS over it, save data, than use the restore CD to put back winXP.
Before you go through all that try logging in to you Administrator account reset everything there and disable what you need to.
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