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We have been running XP Home for a while with no real problems. My son installed Soldier of Furtune and since then we cannot shut down windows. I click on Start>Turnoff Computer>Shutdown or Restart and nothing happens. I reinstalled windows over the current setup and ran a repair but neither one of these helped.
Anyone have any ideas?

if you want it to just shutdown, a crude method is to launch taskmanager by pushing CTRL+Shift+ESC and killing all the svchost.exe processes. Then NT_Authority will Restart your PC.
I agree with MB ,, you have the ROLL BACK option of which you can find FULL instructions in your help option,, start> (right column) a search in help on ROLL BACK and you will get the instructions,,,

I have heard of PC games causing some havoc on XP,, anywhere from your issue, not shutting down, to lost NIC,, corrupt office programmes , etc,,

not sure what is overwriting what ?? cant find anything that pin points why the issues are coming up,,

Uninstall the game, do the roll back,, reboot,, then disable Antivirus, and have NOTHING else open,, reinstall the game via ADD/REMOVE progs,, to do this you will have to cancel the install at the autorun and then go into the control panel to the add/remove applet, browse back to the cd and look for the setup.exe

in addition,, go to windows update and get ALL the recent patches and fixes,,

remember to Defrag regularily,, this is important in XP!!

best of luck , dont give in!

XP Home Shutdown Problem

Thanks for all the replys. I tried rolling back and it would not allow me to do that. I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything. I do have a second hardrive installed that I back all my important stuff to so it's not that bad to get back up and running. Life is good again!
Again, thanks for the help.

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