Windows XP home won't install

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I formatted my hd and got the windows xp setup working in dos. It copied a bunch of files to my computer from the disk and then it had to reboot. It should have started windows or resumed the pretty setup but instead the screen just goes blank.
wtf :( I finally decided to call up windows tech support on the phone. I talked for 3 hours until nine when they close. I was unable to resolve it. With a blank hard drive I didnt know what to do. Then I installed windows 98 and figured I would try upgrading from there. Everything went smoothly until I rebootted and got a screen where I can choose:
Windows XP Home Edition
Cancel Windows XP Setup

If I choose windows xp home edition, it should load winxp, but it doesn't. The screen goes blank and nothing happens. If I choose to cancel, it then goes to start uninstalling winxp, which eventually just stops responding.
ahahaha. Yeah, it sure is. It was my ram the whole time..I had to adjust my memory settings in bios. Such a small solution to such a big problem..
I (well, my dad) have the same problem, and the same error message... can you remember what memory settings you changed, and in what way?


win2k and winXP have many troubles installing on older computers. the cause is usually memory or cd-rom drive.
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