Windows XP home won't install

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I just got Windows XP home edition (upgrade). I currently have windows 98 se. I put the XP cd in and ran setup. At one point I got a message saying "Setup cannot continue. Contact microsoft technical support. (Error: 5C9FF58h)"

Anybody have any advice?
hmmm.. that is strange.. I can't find anything about it on the knowledge base. You might need to upgrade and format the drive for the installation to take..

Also keeping with Tribes tradition did you yell SHAZBOT at the computer? and then say OOPS multiple times after beating the hell out of it?
Also, if I simply format my hd, would I be able to install winxp from scratch if it's only the upgrade? I have the win98se upgrade disk and windows 95 full.
You should not need to do that.. simply boot into 98 and run the install process and when it asks if you would like to leave the current file system intact or whether you would like to run a clean install choose clean install.
Yeah, I did that. It begins copying installation files and then reboots. In the middle of the reboot I get a menu asking me to "please choose operating system to start:
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows XP Setup"

If I choose windows it loads 98 and then nothing happens. If I choose windows xp setup I get a blue screen which starts copying more files. After that I get a C prompt in some recovery thing which says I can type exit to exit and reboot. If I do that the system reboots and I end up back at the choose operating system to start screen.
hmmm.. thats odd.

You can use a Windows XP Upgrade CD to perform a clean install providing you have a qualifying version of Windows to satisfy the authenticity check during setup.
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