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Hello all,

I have a windows XP home computer on our office network. When i connect to a file folder on another computer it does not allow me to specify the user name, or allow me to check remember the password. There is no check box for this. It connects to the share as a guest and allows you to type the password but next time it asks for the password again. Any help on how to get the remember password box back.
Are you connecting to a Win98 box?

Under win2k typically you don't have to use that box. What you do is create the account on both machines. So if you log in as "Joe" on your XP box make sure your other 2k/XP boxes have a "Joe" user account with the same passwrod.
We have a Windows 2000 Server. There is an account
for this particular user on it. If i put a shortcut on the desktop
of the xp machine to some other file folder on another machine on the network there is no check box saying remember the password.
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