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I cannot figure out how to view the internet history file on my Windows XP home edition. I know how to clear the history file but how do you view what's in the file???:confused:
To find a page you've seen in the last few days

On the toolbar, click the History button. the history button is the one with a clock and arrow combined next to the media button
The History bar appears, containing links for Web sites and pages visited in previous days and weeks.

In the History bar, click a week or day, click a Web site folder to display individual pages, and then click the page icon to display the Web page.
To sort or search the History bar, click the arrow next to the View button at the top of the History bar.

To find a page that you just visited

To return to the last page you viewed, click the Back button on the toolbar.
To view one of the last nine pages you visited in this session, click the arrow to the side of the Back or Forward button, and then click the page you want from the list.

You can hide the History bar by clicking the History button again.
You can change the number of days that pages are saved in the History list. The more days you specify, the more disk space is used on your computer to save that information.
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Alternatively, using Windows Explorer click on Document & Settings | Your Username | Local Settings | History.
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