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Ok... here's my question to you guys... is there any method that you can use to get the administrator account to be available in regular mode... since this account can set file permissions? Any help would be great.

EDIT : Keep in mind, when trying to give advice, that i am runnin XP Home. So most tricks for pro WILL NOT work. I've tried those.
umm well what do u mean "regular mode" just like when u boot it up normal, if so it should already be thier when u installed ur OS it makes "THEE" admininstrator account
No, what i want is to have it on my "welcome screen." I've tried screwing around w/ the registry, and i had it for five seconds up... but in the normal boot mode, there is no way to get it enabled so i can have root privelages and all w/o a safe mode boot.
Mr D,
I would suggest that you go into the Administrative Tools ,, found, (if you have not customized your program lists) in the Control Panel,,

Open COMPUTER MANAGEMENT, and look in the left pane for USERS AND GROUPS,,

choose GROUPS, and then DBL CLik on the ADMINISTRATORS group located in the RIGHT pane window..

When this opens, you will see all the accounts on your PC that have ADMINISTRATIVE PRIVELEGES,, If your account is not there,,there are two things to do,, either hit ADD at this time and put your user account into the group,,,

or ,, exit this,, and go into the USERS folder,, open YOUR account and edit the profile so that you are in the ADMINISTRATORS group,,

In doing this,, You need not have the Admin account on your splashscreen,, because YOU are the administrator and have the power over the local machine and users to delegate permissions,,

this shouls fix you up..

cheers :)
Right... that would normally work, 'xcept that isn't an option in XP home edition.
At the log in prompt, hit control + alt + delete twice. that will bring up a log on for the Admin account.
AH... Almost there

Solece, that got me to where i could try, but it gave something about "Logon to this account is restricted." N E Way to get around that?

blech, this is why I dislike XP. there are at least two ways to get to this option in the GUI.

okay, in the NON PRETTY version of XP you navigate to start > control panel > settings > users and groups (or something similar).


start > all programs > administrative tools (if this group is hidden, go to the properties of the task bar to enable it) > computer management. there is a local users and groups section in the pop up.

Now, I have no idea why access to the account would be restricted, but if it were something you can control while not logged on as the Admin (go figure), this would be it.
Try TweakXP, download it, it has that option where it makes u see the admin account when u logon just like a normal user

That was a long time ago, so I THINK tweakxp can enable that.

Or its somewhere in the registry
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