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When I'm working I like to close my laptop up and use the Windows XP Hibernation mode, rather than just shutting it down and turning it back on it's annoying.

But now for the annoying part, every time i hibernate my damn computer, when i go to "re-hibernate" it gets all the way up to through the resuming windows section and freezes right at the end!

Any suggestions / solutions?
Ya, follow those steps and see if all your updates are finished, including SP1, if it still does it then.....

Shan what about suspend mode

Have you tried resetting your power settings to only "Suspend" when you close the lid? It essentially does the same thing but it is a bit quicker than hibernate.

It may be a work around until you can figure out why it's wackin out on hibernate mode. By the way, ever since hibernate mode has been available I have never used it or encouraged my customers to use it because it behaves so sporadically. This could be because MICROSOFT SUCKS and has never really perfected the whole Hibernate mode.
Yea, i'm just gonna shut the hibernate on close option off, but @ work today, in the toshiba controls it wouldn't let me. ooo well. But now i have 3 to choose from, RedHat(Primary) XP(@ work so i can use the "dial up" modem) and Win2k Pro, desktop at home to maybe run a web server and probably the Folding@Home app, You're welcome Ecniv...hahahhha
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