Windows XP hangs with Zipped files

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I just got a Compaq laptop, running Windows XP Home, and now I can't use "compressed folders" very well. They used to work just fine, but now, when i right-click on them to do the "Extract All" option, it hangs. It stays frozen for like 10 mins, and then the menu pops up.

I tried those 3 things, but it is still giving me problems. I also tried installing a different extraction program (WinRaR), but that didnt help any.
The problem has complicated. :( Now i cant double click or right-click on zipped files OR on mp3s. When i do it freezes for about 5 mins, then goes.
u might want to try a format, fresh install.
just a thought... sounds like something is corrupted inside. what do your event logs say? any errors?
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