Windows XP Boot Loop

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When booting into one of my XP Pro systems, after it hits the black XP screen it just reboots. I have tried it in safe mode also and get the same result. I have scanned the disk and found nothing. If anyone know of a fix for this, I would appreciate it.

Check your CPU temperature. Overheating will cause reboots like that, the boot point it reaches before restarting being the time it takes to over heat the CPU rather than having anything to do anything with the actual boot.

This may not be the actual problem but it's a good place to start. ^_^

Once you rule out the possible hardware problem, try running the OS repair utility on the XP cd. Just boot up the computer with the cd in and it should prompt you for a repair.
I agree with Seloce. After you try that, double check your PSU. I had a computer I was working on at school do the same thing, I saw smoke before I noticed PSU burning.

Lesson learned.
If it ain't a hardware problem,,

just asking if you might have CLONED your harddrive??

I have seen this happen from a bad clone, and imaging method

After you choose for repair....choose the windows installation and then type the command FIXMBR and say "y" (yes) to repair the mbr or you can even try FIXBOOT.
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