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I am systems manager over a small PD network, one of the computers is running windows xp and has ran fine on the network untill a few weeks ago. When starting the computer up it ask for the user name and password and when you enter it, it sits for about a minute then says cannot log into network and will not bring up the computer. You can unplug the network cable and after a few attempts can log in, the reconnect the network cable and access the network fine. Any help appreciated. Pulling my hair out. Chief's computer
no problem.

an other question I have.. does this computer is open for many peoples to use? if so, I have many ideas (or at least one :)).
oh, my bad then :)

well, afterward I'm not very familier with neither Xp nor networks connections.. but maybe this safe mode command will help...
good luck my friend..
Thanks for your help, I have been pulling my hair out and the Chief is getting impatient, I have got to be in class most of nxt week but will be there Monday if you get anymore ideas ! Thanks E
on NT Based Operating systems When you press F8 at the start of booting.. Look for safemode with Networking..
Also.. The Network Cable could be damaged. I had the same problem happen last Summer on a Windows 2000 Professional Machine.
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