Windows XP Activation Question


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Alright, my brother bought a Windows XP professinol OP disk awhile ago. Anyways I was wondering if I could still use that disk for my computer. I know you have to activate it but could I still activate it on my computer if my brother activated it on his?

Thanks in advance!


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^^If you don't activate your account it stops working after a certain amount of time.

And Nikeus, I read that and correct me if I'm wrong but, if I just tell microsoft I'm upgrading I can use it on my computer. Also does this activation cost anything?


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Hmm never heard of it stops working. I have never experienced such nonense. But then again I do install a fresh copy every month or so.

My friend has had his installed for a long time now and he hasnt activated his.


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activating xp doesn't cost anything. It is true that if you don't activate within 90 days it will expire, and the os won't work. I think you can activate it on your comp because you are allowed to activate 3 times per disk.


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there are cracks out there for the activation(which i have never tried), however, its just easier to dl the corp versions as you can easily update these even to sp2.