Windows Vista To Windows Xp..


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I have a HP PAVILION ELITE m9150f and I called Hp and I wanted to switch it to Windows XP, it came with Vista.

When I have Windows Xp installed it askes for the following drivers:

802.11 b/g WLAN
Beanbag Emulation Device
Ethernet Controller
PCI Device
PCI Simple Communications Controller
SM Bus Controller

I cannot find these drivers for ex anywheres. If someone can find them for me that would be great!




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Hm.. Most computers will have a supplied CD that's labeled as "Drivers/Software" bundled with the computer. I know it can be a pain in the arse talking to tech support, but did they suggest where you might be able to find it?

Also, take a look at the HP website. They might have driver package downloads for you.

EDIT: Here we go, here's a list of all the drivers for your computer. HOWEVER, keep in mind that these are Vista drivers. I have no idea if these will be compatible with a copy of XP on that computer.

Also, they don't even mention XP as an OS for this system. It is quite possible that there are no drivers/support for it as an immediate solution from HP.


You might not be able to go to XP on that computer.....HP computers dont came with disk they have that recovery partition.


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Find out who manufactured the motherboard, what chipset it is, and make a little visit to their website. In all likelihood there is a set of XP drivers.

I had to work with an eMachines that was preloaded with Vista, and eMachine's website only had Vista drivers for download.

I fired up CPU-Z, found out who made the motherboard, what chipset it was, and got some XP drivers. Now it runs XP with no problems.