Windows Vista Recovery Drive


Baseband Member
This is Windows Vista on a Dell box.

He has the standard 10 Gb D:\ partition that is used as his recovery drive. When you go into "My Computer", it shows a red bar and states that it only has 7.61 Mb of space left out of 9.99 Gb.

So, thinking that he was saving stuff to that drive, I went in and could not find anything out of the ordinary. I unhid the files and when I highlighted everything on the D:\ partition, it only shows 4.86 Gb used.

It seems there's a descrepency between how much data is on that drive and how much Windows Vista is reporting.

Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? I'm not overly familiar with Vista, so is there some things that even going into Tools > Folder Options and unhiding all files including the protected operating files misses? Just not sure where to go with this one.

Any help you all can provide, would be greatly appreciated.