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hello i have win98se, and i check often for updates for windows, and i have always updated with no problems, however it says that there are 2 updates that i need and when i try to download them, it downloads then says download failed and to try again, so i try again and again and still "download failed "this is been happening for a couple of weeks and i cant download the updates, i dont know why and i dont know how to solve the problem, i like to keep my pc updated if possible, please advise, :(
yes the updates are

813951 : update for internet explorer 6sp1

811630 : critical update (windows 98)
Hmm, happens even after a reboot and such?
yes , i have been trying to get these updates for a couple weeks now. and latelly when i surf the internet, its slow bringing up the page and i dont know if its related to this or not, i hope this is not serious. :(
Hmm, I would try doing ctrl+alt+del, and closing everything except explorer and systray, then doing the updates from there.
Well, if you hit Control Alt and Delete on your keyboard at the same time in 98, it will bring you up a list of programs that are running. You can then select them and hit the close button. Do that with everything listed EXCEPT "explorer" and "systray" then open IE and try doing your update again.
Ouch, try going to "search" under the start menu.

Search in "MY Computer" for "*.tmp" and delete EVERYTHING that comes up.

Then try to update again.
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