Windows update stuck on installing 4 of 11


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Okay yesterday night I noticed windows had a couple of updates to install when I went to turn off my computer. I always let it install overnight and let itslef shutoff. When turning the screen on this morning I noticed the computer was still on and it was stuck on updating 4 of 11 and I don't se it changing anytime soon, it's been 6 hours already when I w
tried tos shut it off. So I was wondering if it would be wise to force shutoff my compter right now and install the updates myself when I get back in. For reference the comp stuck is a desktop and I have no idea what updates I'm installing since I set it to download updates but not install them


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If it's been 6 hours on one update it's almost definitely frozen. I'd force it off, boot it back up again and see if it installs the updates normally (whilst in windows.) Chances are it will and it'll be fine that way :)