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note that not I found this tip, it was ikellen (one of our members). I saw it on one of the threads and thought it may become helpful to ppl around. went to my tips and tricks self folder ;)

ikellen said:
If you really want to find your windows cdkey, go start->run and type "regedit" then browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsft\Windows\CurrentVersion and there should be an entry called "ProductKey" and I believe that is your XP CD-Key. Please note that I tested this on a 98SE machine, but I believe it should work the same way in XP.

cheers m8, have fun.
tell if it works, thanks.
Unfortunatly it doesnt work in XP, when you go to that place, it shows an encrypted activation code, which it converts automatically.

However, I have a much easier way, just download and run the attached file, it will let you view YOUR key. The one you purchased and entered when you installed windows.

It WILL NOT created you an illegal one, change your key, or do anything else your not supposed to do.


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MicroBell said: wonder what that Key Reader went/came with..EC.....To Funny :)

Whats thats supposed to mean?
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