Windows Shortcuts - add your tricks

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All Seeing Eye
I bet at least some of you don't like this mouse and prefer the keyboard like me.
mostly I use these:

left-alt+tab (to change the current window)
windows-button+d (to minimize all open windows till desktop)

there are lots more,
but maybe anyone can add a few and then we will have a good list. try not writing down again a written shortcut.
Cheers (b) m8s.
Umm i often use the ones you said aury and
Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Open Task Manger)
Ctrl+N (New window)
Ctrl+F4 (Close window)

I use windows button+e to open explorer windows, windows button+r to open the search thingy and windows button+r to open the run thingy. :)
Did you know? when wanting to submit a new replay, you can press left-alt+s and it will automatically send the replay (or post, no matter)..
cheers :)
you can also minimize all the current open windows by pressing the windows key + m

to open them all again press windows key + shift + m
Re-Initialize Your Registry Without Rebooting
Save your work before attempting this tip!

Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, to bring up the Windows task list. Highlight 'Explorer' and click on 'End Task', if the Shutdown screen is shown, click 'Cancel'. After a few seconds an error message will popup, click on 'End Task' and the Windows explorer will be reloaded along with any new registry settings.
Windows Key + Pause/Break will open the system properties window.
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