Windows Server 2003

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Anyone here about this? It's coming out in April I think and it's the next Windows O/S I Think!:p I didn't read about it...I just saw it on
Yep, I'm a beta tester for it. The major thing that I noticed right off the bat was how fast it was. It's blazing... but then again, it is .NET.
LOL, yea, how are they going to "Stop the Hackers" this time? ;)
They won't.... lol. There are already leaked copies out with "valid" keys.... LMAO.
I still don't see why they get their panties in such a bunch. I mean, how much of their sales is from prefab manufacturers buying bulk COA liscensing? And how much are they actually losing to us belligerent gaming types who think they over charge?
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