windows repair stuck andhard drive transfer


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i already repaired windows about a month ago worked fine, this time it gets stuck on a screen where it shows how much time left (37min) and on the right side a slideshow of all the features on xp. i tried a few more times did the same thing. do i have to reformat everything? or is there a way around this?

also, if i have to reformat, i have some files i wanna backup. i already backed up most of my files, but i have some new ones that need to be saved. can i take out the hardrive and put it in an older computer? it has win98, im on it right now and it does work fine. its not that bad except its old.

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Try removing running only one stick of memory. You may have a bum stick or it just doesn't like having all that memory to work with. ;)


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Why not wait an hour or two? My computer did that once, and it got unstuck and worked fine after I waited 45 min or so. Is the slideshow and throbbing green thing on the bottom right side of the screen still working? Also, Win98 does not support NTFS formatted drives. To get your files off, try downloading Ubuntu and run it as a LiveCD (bootable CD) and get your files off that way.