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i have windows 98 and i reformatted and didnt do it right,now whenever i reboot i dont get taken to the widows password screen, therefore my login on my isp will not keep my password logged in. everytime i log offline i have to type my password back in again. how can i reset the system . thanks
blech. win98 networking issues. hehe...mind me, I'm tired.

while "logged in" (if I understand correctly, you've got win98 booting up without a log in) see if you can "log off". enter a user name and password from there to set up a user profile in '98.
if i just logoff windows everything is o.k. the isp password stays logged on but if i shutdown or reboot the password for my isp is gone. any ideas why ??
my computer -> control panel -> network -> set Primary Network Logon to Windows Logon

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